This is an Elevator Type of Parking, wherein there is a Central Car Elevator which carries the Car from the Ground level on a Pallet and Parks it upto even 35 level to the Left or Right side. One of the major advantage of this System is, it occupies less Ground space and car Park lot of cars. It is most suitable, where land is scarcity and Authority accords permission to go beyond 50 mtrs in height. Generally it is Installed above ground, but if required some levels can be considered below the ground also. The Entrance and Exit based on the site condition can be at Ground level or can be at Ground level and Basement. A Turn table is provided at the Ground level so that Parking and Retrieving of Car without reversing is possible.

In this model any Car from any level can be retrieved automatically without removing any of the cars from any level. The System can be customized to handle Sedan or SUV or a Combination of both. This is more suitable

    Key Features

    • Sedan or SUV or a Combination of both can be Parked
    • In Ground level 2500/ 2000  Kgs Max weight of Car is to be parked.
    • The System is Operated Electro Mechanically with Multi strand of Wire Rope.
    • PLC based Alpha Numeric Key pad is provided for Operation of the system.
    • All safety features like Chain Monitoring System, Mechanical Locking, Electrical Limit Switch, Emergency Stop, Sensor are inbuilt in the System
    • Minimal running cost per cycle.